the story so far

by Dave Knight 

So a Bio was agreed by some friends, just a happening of thoughts and timing of conversations and life right now and of course the upcoming challenge and social media. I said I have the title, leave it with me.. 

Well, I was going to write a credibility of my extra awesome water sports life and career. Been on the water since ’79, oh yeah! Skis, kneeboards, barefoot, trick, jump, slalom, windsurf, wakeboards & skates, surf, sup, foil, wing, (I think that’s it).  How awesome, season after season, the good times, the parties, the legendary things that are unprintable in the magazines, the hard work, the people, the friends and the great satisfaction of teaching and coaching, competing and judging, growing with it all. Then it struck me, hard! 

If this was to be about my life, then I have also shared it with someone else, my constant companion throughout this all, Anxiety. 

We can’t leave him out; he has been with me through it all. 

Cardigan © Wild Shore SUP 49.jpg

He was the arm on my shoulder, the weight I towed, the fear in competition, the monsters that always scared me, the doubt in my dragons den. The thief, that stole my day every morning that I had to chase down and recreate.  

I hid in characters of all kinds to deceive him; they were fun people to be with, professional, dependable, inspiring and caring, just the self-medication was not quite a science. Sometimes I spun off the tracks personally, discreetly.  

So I will share a few pictures, that’s easier, let’s start my new journey without the passenger.  I Hope to share, support and grow. So let’s go, get up, get out and immerse. We are here now and that’s all that counts. See you out there! 


Dave Knight